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Predominantly a homosexual or confused individual who swims for a high school swim team. Although you hardly see a "Reyko" they are widley known for consistant elbowing and ignorance. A Reyko is usually found at the end of a swim lane procrastinating, though always blustering about how "Good" they are at swimming even though the whole team knows he sucks "ass".
Jo: Yo man did you see reyko he was elbowing me all day i think he bruised my arm!
Phelps: Yeah dude i heard he wants to be captain! what a joke! aaaahhaha
by The Pwnologist August 30, 2008
RICKY MARTIN!!! Sexy beast!!! Pop singer/pro paddler. Pretty awesome dude
Eli: Reyko is da shitzzz
Cohco: Ohhhhh yess sexy!!!
by Elijahmone February 11, 2008

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