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Like sexting but instead of using sexual terminology, dinosaur terminology is used.
"Rext me baby"

"I'm going to Tyrannosaurus wreck you"

"Let me spank your tricerabottom"

"Come meet my penisaurus"
by Dino Man July 06, 2012
50 0
when you receive a text and read it without answering. The person on the other end likely knows that you read it and chose not to respond.
You used to sext me, now you just rext me.
by filthy mcartney February 13, 2012
2 18
Similar to sexting just more invasive and one-sided. Often results in your phone number being blocked and/or a restraining order.
Me: "I'm going to rip your shorts off and slam my acne ridden, stubble covered face into your meat wallet."
Stranger: What the fuck?! Who the fuck are you?!?
Ex of Rexting.
by Womb Destroyer July 05, 2011
2 20
to send a text message to a royal.
Due to his nonstop rexting, he ended up in the slammer.
by uttam maharjan August 23, 2011
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