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Rexburg is basically the mormon version of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Its always freezing and has a bunch of people that you do not want to be around with for more than ten seconds.
Your going to Rexburg for school? That sucks big time.
by Fartalicious September 08, 2010
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One of the worst small towns in America. Home to BYU-Idaho, which co-incidentally is a crappy University. Cold Winters, crappy summers, and not much else to talk about. Aside from a few hot bitty's and sadly a lot of ugly beezy's, not much happens around here.
Person 1#: Rexburg is shitty
Person 2#: I know, lets leave and never come back
by simps55 February 12, 2011
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The shittiest town (It's In Idaho) I've ever lived in. The atmosphere is typically childish, like a never ending "youth conference" at the age of 14. Mandated rules are enforced upon all students, who actually happen to be adults typically from 18-30. The culture is beyond dreadful and causes oneself to drivel. On the other hand, there's a 2-1 girl boy ratio and plenty of sluts who came to school because of the price, or their parents holy insistance upon living in "Zion" and finding the right potential "Eternal Companion". If you live there, you'll make do and find right crowd. If you don't, never come to this infested nest of hypocrites and little goody two-shoes.
Student 1: Man is there any clubs or cool dances in the Burg?
Student 2: Nah, but my parents are paying for my school.
Student 1: Man what a shitty town, wish I knew earlier.
Student 2: I know, but you can always transfer to UVU, USU, or UoU.
Student 1: God...Think I will. Martha keeps asking me to go on a date reading scriptures and then watch "The First Vision".
Student 2: LOL welcome to Rexburg.
by WhattaKid October 06, 2012
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