Just like Deja Vu, but in vice versa form.
Earlier Event: You're going to school and see your friend fall off their bike.
Reverse Deja Vu: Your friend is going to school and sees you falling off your bike.
by MollyTrancy March 03, 2011
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Like a deja vu, but instead of a feeling of experiencing the same thing twice, you can feel that there is a hole where something that should have happened didn't.
1: "..."
2: "What's wrong, do you have a headache?"
1: "Kinda-- Just feels like reverse deja vu."
by Ifrit May 13, 2008
Having a Déjà Vu while experiencing it in the reverse order.

The short form or slang for this Reversedéjà vu effect could be called a Reversearoo.
Reversedéjà vu

Meaning: Having a Déjà Vu while experiencing it in the reverse order.
My wife had a powerful Déjà Vu while we were driving to a destination, however she had the distinct impression of experiencing this event in the reverse order. I jokingly dubbed it as a Reversearoo, and on further thought decided the Scientific name for this phenomenon should be Reversedéjà vu for all practical and applicable circumstances.
by Oathanvil December 08, 2010

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