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A Reverse Greenwood combines several other well known deviant sex acts in one, resulting in pain and humiliation for one or both partners. In the Reverse Greenwood the male performs a reverse helicopter and then, while his penis is in the female's vagina, he inserts both testicles into her anus (double dongo style) and then deficates on her lower back.
Last night I thought that Mike was looking for something under the bed, next thing I know he pulled a Reverse Greenwood on me. It was warm and troublesome. I was humiliated, completely.
by Woody Tobias, Jr. February 16, 2009
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Gently stroking the back of a woman’s hair, while making sensitive love to her missionary style.

Baby, you want me to put some Al Green on before I give you the Ol’ reverse greenwood.
by Assplosion19 February 16, 2009
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