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A robot designed to be your friend. This is decieving though, sometimes the robot shortcircuits and then becomes psychotic.
The greenwood broke and now when we clean the refrigerator, it yells at us!
by bananabananabanana December 09, 2009
The Greenwood refers to when a man comes home after a long days work with aggressions towards his partner, takes off his old dirty crusty work socks, gags his partner with them, hog ties them, and then proceeds to give the parter dry anal.
"We came home after a hard days work and right as I walked through the door, I got the Greenwood."
by McProffesional January 26, 2014
The long dick of the Green Bay Packers that raped the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV
Damn man, Roethlisberger tasted his own medicine! He got raped by that Greenwood baby!
by Wookus Maximus February 07, 2011
1. A true slut.

2. Streetwalker.

3. A girl who will have sex with your father, mother, brother and every other waking member of your family.
"Dude, dont talk to that chick, she's a greenwood!"

"Ya man, I totally hooked up with that greenwood last night!"
"Hey I know that greenwood, she slept with the whole football team!"
by pulledagreenwood March 06, 2010
noun - An erection or woody one gets while stoned on marijuana or green.
Last time we smoked up with the bitches, I had huge greenwood every time I looked at Sally's tits.
by SleepyDP January 02, 2010
'The once desired family area' Two decades ago Greenwood was the profound family area with many births and new families started in this area. For middle class workers and higher rates to pay for housing, Owners have to work harder so they can continually live here. Their children however, Well, You miles a well say they run the suburb. Full of binge drinking, Underage parties, Burnouts ,illicit drugs and graffiti as their going through their adolesance. This is the desired paradise that every teenager wants to live in.
'So whereabouts ya from bro?'
'Ah, Dardy cunt'
by Pearlish April 25, 2008
A dero suburb in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. High results in fighting, beer drinking and burnouts may accumulate from living or 'hanging around' in Greenwood. More commonly know for consuming more alcohol than is safe for ordinary humans"
"Your fucked, this is greenwood ya cunt"
"Fucking Greenwood dero cunt"
"A block of Export thanks mate"
by Dylan Currie January 28, 2006
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