The act of taking a shit, freezing it then cumming on it. Once all this is done, it is very important to put hot sauce on it and then freeze it again. One firm again you must take it then slap your girlfriend in the face with it making sure that all the good stuff got in her mouth. And when shes got it in her mouth, you kick her in the teeth and rape her.
Paul: Did you her what Jerome got arrested for the other day?

Fred: No what he do?

Paul: His girl called the cops on him for doing a reverse donkey-punch.

Fred: Oh my god, thats my man!
by Dick the Raper May 04, 2011
Top Definition
A close kin to the DP except for one glaring tidbit. An RDP will involve an ultimatum given to males attempting to extricate himself out of a prenuptial agreement. Unless the prenuptial contract is made, the female in the relationship will rdp the male prior to ejaculation in order to remove his condom and breed. This is the lowest form of punishment that a man can be subjected to, even lower than the Japanese Helicopter Maneuver. This donkey offspring will then allow her access to his assets and thereby circumventing the prenuptial process.
"Hey bro, good job dodging that prenup with Rebecca, you're home free."

"Yeah... but she got me good with that reverse donkey punch though, I was hoping she didn't know about that shit."

by Qisus March 02, 2010
We are all familiar with the "donkey punch" however the newest trend with females is the REVERSE DONKEY PUNCH. This revised version of the original donkey punch occurs when a woman is fucking a man and she is on top and before the man cums, she punches him right in the face preventing climaxing and shocking the fucking hell out of him. This is where the girls take revenge!!!!!
That fucking bitch!!! She reversed donkey punched me!!!!
by lamslie January 27, 2005
Almost the same as a normal donkey punch, but instead of "doggie" style" sex, this can be performed in numerous positions and instead of punching the girl in the back of the head, you just plain punch her in the face. This can be used in the moments before ejaculation to induce a tightening of the vaginal muscles or to be used after ejaculating to avoid cuddling.
"I didn't feel like cuddling with my girl after we did it, so as soon as I came, I reverse donkey punched her the fuck out."
by silkysmooth85 September 16, 2009
Lass and lad engage in 69-style, simultaneous oral stimulation. Once climax is imminant, the gent soundly punches the female on her anus, alarming her and causing her to bite his erection. Notoriously unpopular due to the resultant unpleasant pressure applied to the penis. Additionally to be avoided if the maiden has partaken of a large chili luncheon as the male party risks incurring a dramatic "poopy fist".
After exploring the reverse donkey punch, Dick and Lynne were both a little bruised and sad. They became jaded about avant-garde sexual techniques. They held each other loosely, joined in a withdrawn melancholy.
by Stames Jone July 07, 2006
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