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A condition where the drinker thinks they are better looking instead of the people they are viewing.
This ugly chick kept hitting on me like she was all that, she totally had reverse beer goggles on.
by Whysohigh November 15, 2011
When you wake up the morning after a long night of drinking and realize that the person you took home is actually a lot better looking than you remember.
Mel: "The guy in my bed this morning was super hot!! I thought he was just average looking last night."

Aileen: "You must have had reverse beer goggles."
by The Duchess of Drinking October 29, 2009
A condition in which the effects of alcohol give a person of the opposite sex unattractive qualities, but when they sober up they're hot.
He was all squinty and loud when he was drunk, but it must've been reverse beer goggles because when he sobered up the next morning, he was hot.
by Cat8040 March 28, 2010