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A seasonal position for intercourse in which the male sits upright in a chair, and female sits on his lap, facing him. Behavior of said female during preceding year (e.g. naughty/nice) is of little to no significance. Large breasts preferred.
The fly cougar who works at the Mexican restaurant wrote on my napkin, "I want to smash...reverse santa claus style, por favor."
by burningpeepeeracing March 07, 2014
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The exact opposite of Santa Claus. He is rumored to live in Antarctica with a troup of midget gypsies and every Christmas eve he flies his magical moose-drawn Volkswagen Beatle to the homes of all the naughty children. He quietly breaks in through the front door and steals all the presents from under the Christmas tree, which he then sells on eBay to fund his drinking and online poker habits.
1>Hey dude what did you get for Christmas?!

2>F*cking nothing! Reverse Santa Claus broke into my house again and stole everything! He even shot my cat!

1>That f*cking sucks man.

2>He even took a shit in my microwave and set it to 99 minutes and 99 seconds!
by Kris Krang-ang-le May 09, 2013

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