A selfless cunnilingus sex position in which the man lifts the girl's torso upwards while orally stimulating her from the front. It gives a great deal of pleasure to the woman while allowed her a clear view of her man's godly pleasure giving.

Because the man (or lesbian, I guess) would be holding his woman's buttcheeks to lift her into the air during the cunnilingus, it simulates a sort of passionate oral vaginal hug.
Guy 1: Dude, Emily was squirting all over me when I reverse hugged her yesterday.

Guy 2: Nice bro!

Guy 1: I know, thanks man! I swallowed it all too!
by GlassSpadez January 28, 2011
Top Definition
The act of hugging someone from behind almost as if your doggy styling them.
Man my boy and his girl came over and when they left she asked for me a hug so I hit her with a reverse hug she didn't know what hit her.
by kramercosmo69 November 07, 2012

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