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A repulsive individual that you typically encounter at a night club that makes aggressive advances towards unwilling women. As a result, the girls start clinging to you, and leads to a hook up.
Those guidos were so grinding up on every girl at Webster Hall. A cute girl gravitated towards me and we ended up hooking up. Who would have guessed those creeps would have been a reverse cock block.
by dhun August 29, 2012
The act when a girl you are interested in calls on your friend to join during a date with the sole intention of using him as a cock block.

This turns the 'date' into a 'friends hanging out' scenario.
Bobby: Hey Sarah, you wanna grab a pizza tonight?
Sarah: Sure! hey John (bobbys friend), you wanna come grab a pizza with me and bobby?
John: Sure!
*reverse cockblock*
by benbjamin February 13, 2009
An inverse cock block. The act of a wingman facilitating crumpification (see crumpify), except the hookup against all wishes; being made to crump someone you have no desire to crump.
Ben was just hiding in the room, while his roommate yelled out the window to a fugly. Before Ben knew it, she was up there and he could do nothing but crumpify. His roomate sat in the other room, grinning like a kid in the candy store, because he knew he just completed a huge reverse cock block.
by the d00d October 22, 2006
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