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1. To get hype before a sporting event, concert, or anything that requires high amounts of energy. hype jacked pumped excited loud

2. To make a sweeping motion with hand across someones neck. judo chop

3. Also can be used to describe someone who is lacking energy and enthusiasm. cheer up
1. Massive amounts of jumping in crunk/hype actions...
Jimmy: "Tommy why are you jumping around hitting lockers like an idiot?
Tommy: "I'm getting reved up for the game mother fucker!

2. Mark makes hand motion across Mary's neck...
Mark: "Mary, rev up bitch!"

3. Laura talked to a depressed Jen.
Laura: "You better rev the fuck up!"
by Laura_p and J HO July 10, 2008
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To add excitement/interest to an everyday activity, typically resulting from the ingestion of Revive Isotonic drink.

*A common misconception is that the term strictly pertains to the use of motor vehicles. This is not the case.

Synonyms; Improve, Make extraordinary

Antonyms; Ordinary, Plain

Misspelling; Revv Up

Origin; Lucideas (2009)
"I'm going to Rev-Up my dinner by adding Venezuelan fire chillis and eating it whilst suspended upside down."

"This party is boring, it needs a Rev-Up."
by Ida Clues April 05, 2010
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