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a word or phrase that has been overused, and repeated incessantly and ad nauseam.

phrases like: Your Mom, That's What She Said, ...NOT, ...PSYCHE, you got burned, and then Want some ice for that burn?, you got served...., Napoleonic Goshhhes, quoting Superbad, (negative)sayswhat, ninjas v. pirates, t47k1n6 1n 733t, etc.

this does not include: Getting Moded (bring it back folks), so's your face, In Soviet Russia..., etc.
1: (touches armrest in theater, encounters sticky soda residue) ugh, it's so sticky
2: That's what SHE said
1: dude, that is mad retro-noying.

1: hey my friend over there thinks you're cute...
2: oh really? cool. what's her ---
1: ...NOT haha
2: that is so retro-noying

1: hey, I'm new here, what's your name?
2: I'm McLovin' WHOO!
1: you have no idea how retro-noying that is by now.
by Jordan Dylan Merkin March 19, 2008
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