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A gamer who only plays older systems, like arcade games, Atari, NES, Game Boy Pocket, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, N64, PS1, Game Boy Color, etc.
No Xbox or PSP for me, thanks, I'm a retro gamer.
by Supergeek August 29, 2007
A gamer that plays nothing or (almost nothing) but older video-games, before Playstation or Nintendo 64.
Most retrogamers don't play more modern video-games because most of them now have an obbession with good looking graphics.
by Somone Personson September 27, 2006
A retrogamer is a gamer preferring playing and collecting retro games - older video games and arcade games. They may also be called classic gamers or old-school gamers, which are terms that are more prevalent in the United States. The games are played either on the original hardware, on modern hardware via console emulation, or on modern hardware via ports or compilations.
If a gamer likes old video games, he's a retrogamer.
by Caleb_Nyuu June 12, 2013

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