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Someone who should've been fucked a long time ago but still hasn't.
Oh man Retro Fuck that fucker.
by JoeNJ2 September 15, 2012
To curse something presently as well as the past.
retro fuck this place,now and before I even came here.
by JoeNJ2 May 17, 2012
Having sex with a partner with whom you have not had sex in a long time.
I met my old girlfriend at the bar the other night for the first time in ten years. That night, we had a retro fuck.
by OPC January 10, 2012
verb- when trying to correct, redo, fix, or retrofit a situation, the result is worse than before.
Al totally retrofucked his bathroom during his year-long home improvement frenzy.
by theplatinumgoddess August 03, 2011
verb. A sexual position among gay men where each man inserts his penis in his partner at the same time. The men face opposite directions and approach one another from the side. The partners then grab hands and go at each other simultaneously.
"My arms and back are killing me from all the retrofucking we did last night."

"Jim and Tom like to retrofuck in their new king-sized bed.
by Phil A. Sheeo April 29, 2008

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