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From the MMORPG 'World of Warcraft' a 'retnoob' is a slang phrase for a player of the 'Paladin' class who has placed his or her talent points in the 'Retribution' talent tree. It is thought by some that the Retribution tree is an 'easy-mode' for paladins and hence is used by younger players.
"lol, you're a retnoob? Learn2play'
by Xerophon August 23, 2006
46 18
The World of Warcraft version of the n-word. Most players can't accept a world where the Paladin class actually has fun, so they treat Paladins like white people treated blacks before MLK. Sadism at its finest.
So you're a paladin who wants to DPS? Retnoob! That's like black people wanting to vote! Oh, wait...
by Rick Astley August 09, 2007
50 31