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Someone who is sexually more attracted to retards than to people with normal mentalities.
Only a retardophile like Tina could get all hot and horny watching movies like Rain Man and I am Sam.
by Raphael Pimentero December 21, 2004
One who finds themselves attracted to mentally challenged individuals.
"Dude, I know Christy's retarded but I find her blonde hair and snotty nose hot! I gotta get me some of that!! She's special!!!

So what if I'm a retardophile."
by Panties Stang March 21, 2010
sexual feelings directed toward retards
bro, that chick could be kinda cute!
wait... isn't that the Special Olympics figure skating team?
she's... she's retarded?

dude, you're a retardophile
by SirCockalot2 January 15, 2013
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