1) another person putting his wants before his needs stemming from a lack of common sense. 2) situation involving one party being screwed for another's gain, commonly financial.

Man 1: Yesterday, my cousin's electricity was shut off since he wasn't paying the bill. This morning he went into debt to buy a $3000 HD television.

Man 2: Retardation... he seems to enjoy being a worthless bum.


Man 1: I have completed every single upper-level course required for my Multimedia Technologies degree and the college says I can't graduate until I take Intro to Windows.

Man 2: Retardation, dude. They just want your money.
by AdamG March 10, 2008
Top Definition
1) to be slow( in mind)
2) the proper word for deseleration as oppose to acceleration
1) no comment for the word retardation
2) used in distance- time graphs
by Ajn0007 June 27, 2009
1. When something stupid and annoying happens to you.
2. When a stupid and annoying person pesters you for more than two seconds.
Uhh, freaking retardation... people kept knocking me down in P.E.
by Sgt. Gemstone March 02, 2007
An act of being retarded.
Proving one that he is retarded, this known as showing (retardation).
An act of handicaped actions.
An act that proves that you are fucked in the head.
Josh was smacking his chest and drooling and acting like he has A.D.D. This proved that he as showing his retardation.
by bubba_the_retard June 08, 2006
"wreg rthyh ujhrh ikg j"
Talking like this shows clear signs of retardation
Moving your hands in various unidentifiable motions is a byproduct of having retardation.
People with retardation always deny being retarded.
Retardation explaination: "wreg rthyh ujhrh ikg j"
by Milan L May 21, 2007
Another synonym that means backward, or reverting to a more primitive state.
retardation as in>We could always for back on the more retarded method of marking our trail with pickaxes if we ran out of paper to throw down.
by kax1 October 19, 2013
A degree completed to be a Retard.
I Caly am a retard, and i have a degree in retardation.
by SLALALA December 15, 2014
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