1: the ability in which to resemble a retarded person in behavior by being limited in intellectual or emotional development---often taken to be offensive

2: the development or academic progress of retarding others

3: the act or instance the extent to which something may be affected with retardedness
You're so naturally retardable, playing the part of a mentally challenged person comes easily to you.

I'm sorry I keep screwing things up, I'm feeling quite retardable today.

That was very retardable of you to remember to flush the toilet, but forget to wipe.
by Kevin Wolff - September 10, 2007
Top Definition
Capable of Retardation
People are retardable and become retarded if given excessive electro-shock therapy.
by Omar Sultan December 12, 2006
An adjective describing someone who is adorable in their retardation
"So is a cat burglar someone who steals cats?"

"You're so retardable katie."
by peachykeenman April 27, 2011
A combination of being retarded but lovable. Usually describing a guy's antics. A term of endearment.
My boyfriend is so retardable, he got me a Pepsi but I wanted a Coke!
by qtpie009 October 13, 2010
~noun~adverb~verb~adj~ A person, action, and/or thing that is incredibly retarded.
"That guy drives Retardably"
"Dam nigga you Retardable"
"This women is Retardably stupid"
"Paris Hilton is Retardable"
by 305 Tico November 26, 2009

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