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The doo doo particles on your penis or fingers after having anal sex
"Dude after I put it in her butt I had some gross residue Doo on my dick!"
by SarahRichmond August 02, 2009
Poop stains left in the bowl after you flush
I had to throw toilet paper into the bowl and flush twice to get rid of my residuedoo.
by climbikejk May 02, 2011
The residue left in the toilet after you flush.
After a night of heavy drinking, Jane had a bout of diaherra. She flushed the toilet and crashed on the floor. Her roommate Lenora was grossed out to find residuedoo in the toilet.
by more sickness1 January 05, 2009
When someone takes a dump, and either doesn't flush or all of the fecal matter isn't flushed down.
I walked into the Bathroom and Kiel was disguisted to see the residuedoo in the toilet
by MattDScott July 23, 2008
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