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The doo doo particles on your penis or fingers after having anal sex
"Dude after I put it in her butt I had some gross residue Doo on my dick!"
by SarahRichmond August 02, 2009
Liquid workout supplement used by many frat bros.
"Dude! You are small because you arent drinking enough frat punch!"
by SarahRichmond September 11, 2009
A sexual act in which one of the participants puts a sheet over their body while engaging in sexual intercourse.
"I put a sheet over her then she did the ghost ride on me."
by SarahRichmond January 25, 2010
A motorboat that comes unexpectedly.
"Ya she had some amazing tits. I definitely submarined them."
by SarahRichmond October 13, 2009
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