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Particles and/or marks left in the toilet bowl after the first flush.
Before using the toilet, Brett had to flush his brother's residoo-doo.
by J.Kree March 15, 2009

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Brown poop streaks left on a condom or penis after anal intercourse.
Make sure to douche yourself next time! When I pulled out, I had residoodoo all over my dick.
by Homopinionation1 February 23, 2014
Shit on your anus that is left over from a crap session which will be wiped off with toilet paper.
I stuck some TP with my residoodoo on the toilet seat cuz I'm a fuck tard
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006
The only reason to wipe your ass.
I wipe my ass to rid myself of the residoodoo
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006