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The parts of people they do not tell your friends and family about to play very stupid mind games.

Money stashed in a box for a rainy day.

A magazine a guy keeps when he gets frisky. We all know people have a spank bank -lol
Were letting out our reserve banks.

So glad I had that reserve Bank to take some time off from work and clear my thoughts.

Time to reserve bank and shut the internet off and move.

Dude that means we in Yo' reserve bank i.e. spank bank Hehe.

He pulled out the goodness in the reserve bank he had to love one woman faithfully knows "all" her faults and flaws but yet loves her still. God the man that came into her life is amazing. She is faithfully his fo' Life.

If the drama queens like Operation KD ever used their reserve bank 'Oh wait'- they were spoon fed daddy's girls that put people down in falsifying their faith they would see clearly that there types of attitudes are the problem with society. We don't care about you fame needs at the slander of others. Society girls always have to prove they better. It proves they want no better in people.
by TruthWillSetUfree February 02, 2010
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