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1. A Repugnicant is a Republican automoton, one who automatically repeats talking points from various Republican demoagogues

2. A Repugnicant is a member of the political party that calls itself the Republican party

3. A Repugnicant is a shameless shill for ultra wealthy corporate interests who consistently works against the interests of the American people

4. A Repugnicant is a member of the Tea Bagger Party who holds the most extreme and often bizzare views

5. A Repugnicant is an arrogant self righteous politician intent on imposing their own morality on America
Today I received a phone call from a Repugnicant who spouted hate and nonsense telling me to vote in the coming election and then learned that I didn't agree with them and started shouting and calling me names and then threatened me.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010
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