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see RepubliCON. A republishark is interested in fishing in the proper social circles and if found in an internet chat room is quite amenable to kosher chit-chat. A republishark is found swimming in Finlandia, Atlantis, coral reefs, sea gardens, marine forests, water jungles, and off coastal shelfs. Republishark measures his food intake and internet usage in shark bytes. He shares and listens to his friends telling fish stories, fish tales and fairy tales about the Tooth Fairy. He prefers women who wear fishnet stockings. Republishark eschews fishing expeditions but is quite involved in fishy business, fishing for answers, and splitting hairs to the point of fraying nerves. Being a Republishark is by no means a cake walk and may at times be seen studying a pie chart, distinguishing between non sequitors or red herrings or interacting with females relying at varying degrees on their feedback.
If a republishark could vote, he would be a republican that votes republican but supports dolphin safe tuna and policies that support the environment and is against drift net fishing. The technical classification name for a republishark is Fellachimorpha Elasmobranchii Hypochondrichthyes RepubliCONus
by Republishark, Pinstriped Shark October 04, 2008
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