Someone whos phone costantly sends duplicate messages all the time.
Man!I just got another f%^#in duplicate msg from catherine,what a douschebag of a repeat offender,fix that shit!
by En1gma69 November 07, 2009
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The act of having anal sex with a female two or more times in a night.
Tashera came over last night and I gave her the Repeat Offender!
by two feet of cock March 17, 2009
Any person who has the annoying habit of re-telling the same joke, repeating a phrase, or repeatedly singing a song while intoxicated.
OMG Ted was such a repeat offender with that lame-ass joke he told 100 times when he was hammered last night. I wanted to punch him in the face!
by mimiparker May 10, 2010
Someone you have had sex with on more than one occasion
antonym: one night stand
ex. "It's totally okay to booty call him, he's a repeat offender."
by nailakemi January 17, 2013
when you just get done wiping your ass after taking a dump and immediatly have to take another dump.
i have raw ass from repeat offenders.
by sean January 07, 2005
Sleeping with someone whom you've already slept with in the past with no intentions of making it into a relationship...

Also assuming that it's an open invitation to sleep with when you encounter them.
"It's ok he's just a repeat offender, it doesn't really count."
"Oh, yes you're getting laid tonight. You don't have to try so hard. It's already in the bag because you're a repeat offender."
by Daisyt024 September 29, 2014
When you've previously slept with someone and then years later sleep with them again. In this case they don't count as a new lover so your number never goes up.
"Last night I accidentally hooked up with a repeat offender. I hope he doesn't call again."
by Lola XXX January 30, 2009

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