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The rewriting of an existing prenuptial contract to try and

appease the injured spouse so they wont file for divorce
Joe:I heard Tiger is trying to redo his prenup so his wife won't leave him.

Tony:Man thats a RENUP!
by mcdizz December 03, 2009
Regnegotiating the exiting pre nuptial agreement in light of revelations that the richer spouse has been caught cheating with a number of hostess skanks.
The pre-nup was only good for $20 million in the event of divorce. However, once her husband was caught cheating with a number of women, she is asking her lawyer to draw up a re-nup and renegotiate how much she will get for staying in the marriage, and how much MORE she will get int the event of divorce.
by JanevonMises December 07, 2009