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the act of getting completely hammered and talking in the language of Rengenese where nobody can understand you. Some symptoms may include:

-slurred speech (usually with some kind of foamy spit)
-starting sentences but never finishing them
-a metal dart fully penetrated into your abdomin
-opening your phone and pretending to text
-being unable to speak in general
-wanting to fight everyone but never following through with it
-flipping tables while a drinking game is going on
-giving creepy hugs
-taking your shirt off as a tatic to pick up girls but not talking to them
-fucking any slopopotamus's in the general area
-not remembering any of it in the morning
ya dude you tried to fight me last night, you were totally Rengered
by ifyasmell202 May 05, 2011
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When someone gets so drunk that they are no longer understandable to the next human being.
Dude i was so rengered last night
by pickleface56 May 05, 2011
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