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Also known as a "Group poop", a rendezpoos is when a group of people take a shit together.
Jerry: "Hey Sally, you want to rendezpoos at the park with Mary?"
Sally: "Her shits stink. No.
Jerry: Oh.
by fartknocker_buttmunch May 12, 2011
1. Going to the toilets with a buddy, with the intention to both do a Number 2.

2. Bumping into a friend whilst both taking a dump in adjacent cubicles.
1. Lenny: "Hey man, rendez poo in 5."
Carl: "Yeah, that Indian food'll be catching up with me any minute."

2. Stu: "La la la, sitting on the toilet..."
Brian: "Hey, Stu, is that you?"
Stu: "Talk about a rendez poo"
by Greglar May 25, 2011
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