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A person, in single, not multiple. Who do make visual art using contemporary tools that no one really understands. But the art made, is tangible and visual, hence something went right. And somehow the process of rendering was involved in one way or the other, which is the general consensus.
Since the general public aren’t versed in fine arts, the fall back on something they do know, and that is a Rembrandt, but he is dead, so Render/Brandt it is.

His Maiden Name is Tom…
Ohhh, that looks like a work of Renderbrandt.
Only Renderbrandt could have done it.
Let's hire Renderbrandt.
by Tom G. December 17, 2003
A freaked out RHP Maniac. Sometimes they r even 3D Artists...
The Renderbrandt will smoke u man!

U will only see the Renderbrandt`s earlights, Dude!
by Jean Brauner December 17, 2003
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