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The OTP in the ABC series Once Upon A Time. It's a combination of Regina and Emma.
'Omg they're staring into each other's eyes! That's proof they're totally effing each other godarnit!! Remma exists!!'
by stoned age November 29, 2011
17 1
Irish band
"Worry Young"
by Paperdoll-in-funky-socks June 23, 2004
19 11
A remma is a word for people with mental problems , dyslexia & special needs .
Used jokingly by many teenages to joke about some one being stupid.Insult .
1.*Girl pushes door that says pull*
*Girl2 "Omg you remma !!"

2. "Christ your such a fucking remma"
by nympho4evax September 26, 2007
4 13