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A smelly homosexual Gipsy, that practices black magic and lives on nothing but rice.
I Think that remis just put a curse on me. :(
by Santasack February 17, 2012
if you have a nokia phone try and type "penis" on dictionary, you'll find its known as a Remis :)
Tim's Remis is too small For Natt
by Stevo April 21, 2004
1.Can substitute for any word when talking in code.
2.Often used to express different levels of excitement.
3.With different tones has different meanings. Very few can really appreciate the universal representations of this word.
Did you get the remis yet?
Hey reme wz good?
Remis me up!
by Abbner and Shadizzle December 15, 2008
remi- a big tittied girl, that is able to squirt from her vagina! she loves the kinky shit. All remi's can squirt vast amounts of liquid from their vagina's. Get with a remi and be prepared to be soaked!!!
woah bro, did you see her squirt that ping pong ball out!
remi is the squirting queen!
by dickramalot77 June 26, 2011
the word remis can be associated with an idiotic or moronic type person. like my dear friend salina who almost takes everything too seriously. but its ok because some idiots can be adorable like her =)
Oh Em Gee my name is *insert name* i am a huge remis.
by allie December 31, 2004
Raymond Quach
Kung-Fu dancer Type-R
Slayersboxer: SHIT ITS REMIS TYPE R HIS TOO 1337!
by Dictionary.com July 20, 2003
smells bad
doesn't wear underwear
by poopispoop January 04, 2012