1.Can substitute for any word when talking in code.
2.Often used to express different levels of excitement.
3.With different tones has different meanings. Very few can really appreciate the universal representations of this word.
Did you get the remis yet?
Hey reme wz good?
Remis me up!
by Abbner and Shadizzle December 15, 2008
Top Definition
That feeling when youre oh so sexy!
by Jamala October 27, 2004
- a very nice person
- most commonly known as a french boy's name but many girls have the name
hey meet my new friend Remi, shes mad cool
by volleyballqt March 17, 2008
Remi spelt in this way is usally a girls name. However when spelt 'Remy' it is commonly a boys name. When used as an European name it is usally a girls name but when French a boys. Remi is the best person ever and is someone you can always count on. Remi a totally awesome person. Remi is beautiful and funny. Remi is a person who is bubbily and exciting. She has alot of happy energy and tends to spread it will others around her.
Have you met Remi? She is so awesome.
by Partyatarichdudeshouse February 03, 2010
Sometimes spelled with a y, this is a girl or boy's name. The person may or may not be French, but they're always awesome.
This is my friend Remi, she once played Chinese Checkers with Chuck Norris.
by ...Remi. :D February 08, 2009
1. Unless manually added to your phone, the word Penis will show up as Remis when it is typed into any T9 phone's texting utility

2. Can be used in place of the word Penis
Lance, we all know my Remis is bigger than yours
by Sino July 22, 2006
A totally awesome and lovable boy. Who is always taller than everyone else. He's very kind and caring and he has many best friends. He may be quiet but he has a killer personality. He's a tough, really cool and handsome little boy.
Remi is my BEST FRIEND !

He's so awesome !

I wish Remi knew me, I secretly know him,
but he doesn't know me.

Remi is the toughest and coolest person I know !
by C TEEE. <3 ;] February 07, 2010
One out of the three most amazing people in the universe. Smart, creative, athletic, beautiful, friendly and finally awesome all the way.
Remi: Do you need help with that, I'd be happy to give you a hand.

Person A: Why thank you!

(after Remi leaves)

Person B: That girl was SUCH a Remi!

Person A: Well that is her name.

Person B: It fits her perfectly!
by bazooka-princesses3 January 01, 2012
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