remembering and memorizing stimultaneously for a big test, quiz, etc.
All I want to do is rememorize all this information so I do well.

I need to rememorize all this stupendous amount of information.
by TReddH September 30, 2011
Top Definition
Describing the process of remembering and memorizing or remembering to memorize a situation, location, or important piece of information. Stressing the importance of memory in situations typically involving copious amounts of alcohol.
“Dude, you better rememorize where you’re parking your fucking car tonight…I’m not driving your lazy ass around tomorrow morning to find your shitty Mini Cooper again…”

“Nick If you don’t rememorize the name of this beer, I am going to personally punch you in the vagina…”
by Awolfsd June 14, 2011

to memorize something again. putting something to memory that you already have memorized but forgot.
i rememorized the biology definitions for the final.

didn't you learn those for the last test.

yeah, i rememorized them for the final.
by ellJ February 04, 2009
To memorize something, forget it and then memorize it again at a later date. This can refer to any bit of information that was once in you mind and now it just seems to have disappeared so you must rememorize that information all over again.
Man, I memorized this last year and now I've forgotten it. Damnit, Looks like I'm going to have to rememorize it now!!
by Drummer12189 November 15, 2010
when you are high as can be and you dont have a fucking clue whats going on and you need too remember something
I gotts to rememorize this shit son
by i forgot March 03, 2005
The act of remembering what you are memorizing
Dude don't talk to me I have to rememorize these vocabulary words.
by Tyler Colvin April 01, 2008
to remember to memoreize something
I rememorized the definitions for the test last night.
by Carol Ann April 20, 2004
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