Charming, nice, kinky, good taste, funny, mad although when people try make them look or feel bad they can go psycho but loveable , thoughtful , kind , tender, sharing , generous , polite , positive , affectionate ,loyal , a genuine hard working guy, soothing caring and sweet.

. A man that has the 'Remedy' to know what a woman wants , treat her right an love and care for her.

. A man that has the 'Remedy' and knows how to treat a lady, give it to the woman real good an how she likes it ...make her orgasm alot of times when making woodin it out or making love
Charlotte- ' katie, what you on girl?'

Katie- ' Hi babe, im goin to meet my man. Said he's got the 'Remedy' I do love him so much

Charlotte- ' Okay babe, tell me what you got up to when you get back. But don't let him go you wont get another one or another chance. Enjoy babe xxx'

Katie- ' Okay hunny will do and believe me i won't this is the man i dreamt off, love you xxx'
by written by katie November 13, 2009
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He's a rapper and hip-hop producer affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan. "Seen It All" and "Never Again" are two amazing songs by him.
Remedy is the very 1st Jewish rapper to be affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ November 29, 2010
A beautiful, super hot, charming, witty, intelligent, full of life girl who loves to have fun. Will talk to most anyone and is open to try new things. She knows exactly what she wants and won't put up with anyone's crap. Wanted by tons of guys, even though she doesn't kmow it. Not the biggest fan of relationships. She refuses to have her heart broken. She's pretty much the perfect girl.
Guy: I'm so sick of being lonely.

Guy: Man, you need to find yourelf a girl like Remedy.
by Big Booty hoe February 09, 2013
Finding a logical solution to what is fucked up in socieity.
Examples of which are: the endless war in Iraq, a tax structure that favors the rich, skyrocketing gas prices, drunk judges putting pot smokers in jail, a government that favoring industry profit over the environment, alienating the rest of the world against the United States. Remedies: Vote Democratic in '07 or Impeach George Bush now.
by Frogfish October 13, 2007
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