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A hard-on so rigid that it threatens to burst through the skin, or divert enough blood from the brain to induce fainting.
Damn Viagra ... haven't had a reltne like that since I was 14.
by Rionews September 11, 2003
A hard-on so big and intense that it pulls the skin tight on the rest of the body, making your face look like it's in a centrifuge.
I had such a huge Reltne going, I looked like Chevy Chase at the start of Spies Like Us.
An intense hard-on that stretches the skin on your body so much that you can't close your eyes.
My reltne lasted so long that I couldn't close my eyes and to to sleep.
by bank walker August 27, 2009
A log of feces so long that it sticks out of the water in the toilet, at least by one inch.
I hadn't taken a dump in 3 days, so I had a major reltne this morning
by BJ Brinkerhoff February 03, 2004
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