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Religofascism is the mindset of the general population of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Most laws, rural, local, urban, are controlled in one way or another by this type of viral ignorance and narrow mind set.

The view's, opinion's and reactions of the majority of Winnipeg's populace who are Religofascis are deemed highly profitable and psudeo-social equalities are instated to fill the needs of these people by the current government, police service and educational systems.

News broadcaster's on local public television is geared towards subtle insidious coercion techniques. This social engineering is meant to manipulate the population into a religofascist way of thinking.

Because of the lack of proper educational and social programs that would normally be in place to protect the populous of this mostly obtuse community, religofascist tend to put there extra money towards building multi million dollar Churches which most of them can accommodate thousands of these zelots.

Religofascism is a rampant and dangerous movement in Winnipeg and has taken the lives of many innocent free thinkers and doers.
"Bob dude"
"What man."
"I think Pat is turning into a Religofascis."
"What's Religofascism? Why do you say that?"
"Dude he rides around on his bike with a bible taped to his handlebars so he can pray and pedal at the same time!"
"Dude I'm not kidding. He told me."
"Dude... dude."
by sk8theeplanet March 21, 2008
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