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Trolls on the internet who go around on various websites such as Yahoo Answers, Amazon, Sodahead, Facebook and every other message board.

They typically give bad reviews to books that do not support their theology, leave nasty comments one any blogs that do not match their theology, and answer questions about beliefs they are against with the intent on ridiculing them.
Religious spammers:

Amazon Book review for "Christian Universalism: Gods Good news for all people".

Review: I have been looking for a book that represents Universalism in a biblical way - that will convince me. This isn't it. There are many references that have an Eastern religious feel, and they made me feel cautious. Not a book that I would recommend to "prove" Universalism beliefs to another believer. I wasn't even persuaded by it. In fact it left me questioning such...

C. Romaella says:
If you're looking for a book that presents universalism in a biblical way, you will NEVER find it because that is the opposite of the Bible's message.

Another review for the book: Don't buy this book. The author doesn't have a leg to stand on Biblically, as he can state a few true cases of mistranslations from the King James that support universalism,

C. Romaella says:
No author can "present" heretical ideas in a way that convinces a spirit-indwelt believer.

Wait a second? didnt this dipshit just leave that same comment twice?
by Jerry1341 May 09, 2010
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