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Common phrase of Mr. Burns

When someone disappoints him or asks for altruistic behaviour.

"Release the hounds."
"Thank you, come again. Smithers, release the hounds."
by justcareless November 06, 2012
38 7
To open ones crack to reveal a world of brownish goodness.
Tom's popped off to the shitter to release the hounds!
by TheAnalPain July 16, 2013
6 5
To ejaculate and shit at the same time.
She said it was cool if I release the hounds on her.
by K-Noodle November 28, 2007
40 80
Taking a massive shit. Coined in Vienna, during Summer 2004.
I got dibs on the can. I gotta release the hounds.
by Captain Correcto June 11, 2004
20 82