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A group of people who release software, music, games, videos and other things over the internet, usually bypassing copyright protection, or offering some sort of program to help, like a keygen or no-cd crack. Often referred to on the internet as "the Scene"
Some common release groups; RAZOR1911, MYTH, DiAMOND, VoMiT, SAPPHiRE, TECHNIC, PuKKA, LiMiTED

"Dude, seen that new Al Pacino film?"
"Nah, any scene releases?"
"Yeah, there's a DVD Rip by DiAMOND"
by Looie February 24, 2008
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A group of people who pirate software for public release.

Release groups are also known as Ripping crews, as they will often rip sound or video from the games. Cd protections are often removed as well.

Most, if not all groups are strictly against selling their work. And they release games for evaluation purposes only. So gamers dont have to blow $60 just to see if a game is good.
Such groups include MYTH, Razor 1911, CLASS, Fairlight, Hoodlum, Reloaded, SPiTFiRE, Vengeance, PHXiSO, Technic, ALiAS, Divine, and Drink or Die.
by Phencyclidine May 06, 2005
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