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A group of people who release software, music, games, videos and other things over the internet, usually bypassing copyright protection, or offering some sort of program to help, like a keygen or no-cd crack. Often referred to on the internet as "the Scene"
Some common release groups; RAZOR1911, MYTH, DiAMOND, VoMiT, SAPPHiRE, TECHNIC, PuKKA, LiMiTED

"Dude, seen that new Al Pacino film?"
"Nah, any scene releases?"
"Yeah, there's a DVD Rip by DiAMOND"
by Looie February 24, 2008
A no-CD crack is a modified executable (.exe on Windows) file. It bypasses the CD checking mechanisms, allowing the user to play without inserting a CD. Commonly used on copied (pirated) games

You might also see the tags NO-CD before a name on Counter-Strike. This indicates the server is running the anti-cheat system, "Cheating-Death", but the user is not running it.

Cheating-Death has been discontinued, and is no longer supported (www.unitedadmins.com)
"Damn, I downloaded that new Hitman game, but it's asking for a CD"
"Hold on, let me send you a no-cd crack"

"Because you're not running Cheating-Death"
by Looie February 25, 2008

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