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ri-ley-shuh n-ship ter-er-ist
An individual(s) who under no circumstances can be happy for ones that have a good relationship and feel the need to come out of their sleeper cell to reign their terrorist acts against those in love.

These Relationship Terrorist are highly skilled in the art of sabotage and deceit. They are motivated and dedicated to their cause as they take the daring role in our society posing as best friends and/or relatives. Fueled by their own misery of a failing relationship, there is little that can stop these cunning beings. They are known to go to great lengths to fabricate stories and twist reality to the ones they prey on. The Relationship Terrorist then sits back and watch in glee after they ignite the fuse to the atomic bomb set forth at the soft underbellies of the unsuspecting relationship goers. The end goal of the Relationship Terrorist is to create a holocaust of all good relationships that have a future.

Please beware and exercise great caution as these insurgents have infiltrated and taken refuge in the Palm Beach County area (Boca Raton/ Delray Beach is known to be the epicenter of their operation).
How is your girlfriend?

She left me and now I am walking the cliffs of suicide because some Relationship Terrorist decided to drop a nuke on our smoke pit of love….

Oh…they got you too?

by Urban Dictionary January 13, 2009