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A state of connectedness between friends while they have some fun without no commitment.

The state of just being more than friendship, but less than lover
Me and Martha are in relafriendship

He didn't want his wife to know of their relafriendship

I am so glad there is relafriendship with Sophia. We can just be free and do whatever we want when we are not together..
by Abdi Mahad October 28, 2012
Noun-A Relafriendship is a relationship between two people that has "extra" benefits but doesn't constitute a true commitment to each other. Both parties can act as though a real relationship is underway and even have feelings towards each other, but it can also end at any time without ties. One or both parties are often times married to someone other than their "relafriendship" partner. Most relafriendships are on the "low" except to very close friends.
Though everyone thought they were together, it was nothing more serious than a relafriendship.
by HBB May 16, 2008
A friendship that's so much like an official relationship that you don't know what to call it.
Shawn and Camila are really really close friends, but they act like boyfriend and girlfriend. They're definitely in a relafriendship .
by RandomAf January 16, 2016
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