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A person that creates words and phrases that usually catch on.
Ramya: Did you see that baby? She was presh!
Laasya: What the hell is "presh"?
Ramya: It's short for "precious".
Laasya: Did Rekha make that up?
Ramya: Of course.
by Ramya V January 27, 2010
A smart girl who is very nice. She is loyal to her friends. She is outgoing and gets along with lots of people. She brings a smile to everyone's face.
That girl is so nice! I bet her name is Rekha.
by dancer321 March 06, 2013
A person who will rock your world. She is unbelievably hot and sexy. Rekha is so awesome that the human race can't even handle it. She has the best personality ever, has the best hair and eyes that you could stare in all day. Everyone wants to be a Rekha. You should try it
by Swagga muffin May 02, 2013

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