Someone who was told to get the fuck away from their 'friends' (or so they thought), and go and suddenly try to hang with other people who they think will accept them. This means that they considered this other group people to 'fall back on' if stuff fails with their not-friends. Huge insult if a reject comes crawling to you. Normally rejects get really depressed'-n-stuff' after being rejected twice.
That reject keeps following us around everywhere! Someone tell that wanabe to piss off!
by sj0r April 30, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who gets rejected from a group of friends or basiclly life
Go away you fuckin reject, you have no friends, we all hate you
by Shady September 30, 2004
when the girl you love with all your heart has no feelings for you at all.
I knew Tina was gonna reject me, but I asked her out anyway. And of course she rejected me and now I feel like shit.
by Mike the Ekim January 27, 2006
One of three options Urban Dictionary Editors have when deciding on which words will be entered.
Roughly 80% of words submitted to the Urban Dictionary are rejected.
by 33Arsenic June 27, 2005
A dance
Look at Tyquan, him and the stick figures reject and jerk bomb!
by Lady_Wayne April 24, 2009
1. To decline something

2. A person that is not accepted by anyone
1. Shit, my application was rejected.

2. Look at that ,reject sitting over there, he has no friends.
by Avi Jay March 30, 2011

part of the popular dance, the jerk. This dance was invented by the Newboyz.
Jose- "Dude look at that guy jerk!"

Reese- "Nah man hes only doing the reject"
by adds24 June 18, 2010
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