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The combination of: Relieved, irritated, and annoyed.
Pertaining to the strange ambivalent feeling of having things happen that are unfortunate and make you feel irritated & annoyed, but relieved that the potential for it to become even worse, considering the situation, didn't happen.
When buying a new expensive shirt, and it gets ruined the next day being caught in a buzz saw. Yet your arm is unharmed: You're Reinnoyd.

Friend 1: "Someone broke into my car a stole my lap top, with all my work and everything else on"

Friend 2: "That really sucks"

Friend 1: "Yeah, but at least I just backed-up everything today. So I have it on another HDD"

Friend 2: "Pretty lucky, I suppose"

Friend 1: "Yeah, but still some dick broke into my car and took the lap top. Ugh, I feel so f'in Reinnoyd"
by risomk April 21, 2009
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