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the condition of having a rashy, oily, itchy or otherwise disgusting taint. Usually due to pure personal hygiene or improper wiping technique.

See also fumunda cheese.
Oh my god that homeless man smells, I bet he has a reince priebus
by Disco5000 January 18, 2011
1. N. When you act like you can't do your job until somebody else does theirs. This is considered a major foul in all careers except politics, evidently.

pronunciation: Rhynz Pree-bus

2. Chairman of the Republican National Committee

3. V. (archaic) Laying pre-emptive groundwork for future excuse-making when needed.
Office Hag: I can't have those tps reports done until Milton returns my stapler, so I'm just having coffee and talking about what a great worker I am.

Manager: Sounds like a Reince Priebus to me. Now just get me the Management Porn that I requested three days ago.

Verb tense: Republicans have been Reince Priebusing the media by getting that High-Fluting Economist at the Heritage Foundation to write some Spinata about how stimulus spending doesn't work.
by FLSqueezed September 09, 2011
The new Republican National Convention Chairman.
Reince Priebus? I thought that was something you do before entering a public pool.
by Mr. Stanturf January 19, 2011

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