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Contrary to what one may automatically assume, Reggin Island is not an Island that is necessarily full of Reggins.
The term is used when someone claims that they will "Send you to Reggin Island" meaning that they will bludgen and beat you until you are so bruised that you whole body is black, similar to that of a Reggin. Depending on the method and standard of transport, the beating will be of different levels, for example, a bus to Reggin Island would be the lightest and a first class, or possibly private, jet, being the most severe. The purpose of Reggin Island is R&R.
"Mate, pack your bags, you're about to get some R&R on Reggin Island!"
"You best shut up or you'll be on the next plane to reggin island."
by Avery Deen October 20, 2007
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