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To do anything to a horrible extreme. It's origin stems from the retardation of some members of Canada's Regular Forces located on many bases across Canada (ie. CFB Petawawa)
Guy 1: Dude, you can't drive home!!! You've had like 30 beers!
Guy 2: Fuck it! I'm driving home Reg Force Style!!!
(Guy 2 gets DUI)


Guy 1: Dude, this chick seems easy.
Guy 2: Ya man, lets get Joe, Bob, and Matt and try to gang bang her Reg Force Style!
(Girl ends up pregnant by a man named Carl Gustaf, all 5 men get Herpes)


Guy 1: You want to go out tonight?
Guy 2: Sure, lets party Reg Force Style tonight!
(Both end up passed out by 10:30pm naked and covered in their own vomit and feces)
by 'toon McBudz May 05, 2012
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