when you stick your dick in peanut butter then fuck a person in the ass after she shit and hasn't wiped.
"yo you here what bob did to nancy? gave her a reeses.
by trymewanker July 01, 2010
Reese is a girl who loves to have fun, although when she is alone, she is a very shy and mysterious person, yet when around friends, she goofs off and enjoys lots of things. Sometimes has to be serious, even at the funniest times, she cares about everyone, no matter friend or foe she will be there for the rescue. She is a kind and friendly person, easy to get along with, and she is always smiling on the inside. Reese is usually a weird kind of person. (girl or boy) She has usually brown eyes, mostly gray at times, plain brown hair, and very tall. If you ever run in to a Reese, I would not get on her nerve, even if she is a nice person, she is a badass when it comes to fighting, so I suggest not getting on her last nerve or it may just leave you unconcious. Reese! I wish you new I said this about you!!! XD
Reese: Nice to meet you! I'm Reese.
New girl: Oh, hey i'm Riley.
Reese: Well, nice to meet you Riley, I hope you enjoy it here!
New Girl: Thanks! I look forward to enjoying it!

Later on...

Guy: Oh my god look at that girl, she is being so nice to everybody. (Not like the other girls)
Other Guy: Oh she is totally a Reese, right?
Guy: Right.
by Hunter4477 March 20, 2013
A non-derogatory term. A Malaysian with dark skin. Chinese/Vietnamese/Malaysians are usually associated with yellow skin. But when one of the above ethnicity has a brown like (Indian) skin tone, they are refereed to as Reese. Reese like the Peanut Buttercup Candy; because it is chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside.
1.) Yo that guy Pabir will never be part of the Triads, because he is a Reese. He is not yellow enough.
2.)Yo mama's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, there's no wrong way to eat her.
3.) That Reese never puts Siracha on his food.
by CLK500 January 05, 2012
Any kid who has orange hair and dies the tips black to be cool. Can also refer to a person who is just an all around dickhead and thinks smoking weed is the coolest thing.
1. Wow look at that ginger over there. He died the tips of his hair black. Let's call him reeses now.

2. Wow reeses is such an asshole. He says he hates minorities and makes all these racist comments but doesn't really seem to realize gingers are a minority too.
by Noneofyourconcernmrporrecca September 06, 2009
Much like an Oreo means a "white Black guy" (black on the outside, white on the inside), a Reeses is a person who is black on the outside, yet brown on the inside. In most cases the brown is Hispanic, though it can be other races where the people are primarily brown.
These "Reeses" are very rare, there are many more White Chocolate Reeses seen around.
That negro can hop fences in a second and loves shanking people, and while both Blacks and Hispanics do that, he also speaks fluent Spanish, which proves that he is a true Reeses
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
SWAG NIGGA PIMP GANGSTER any one with this name should not be f**ked with they will beat your ASS if you piss em of (*they are also not afraid to slap a hoe that gets out of line*)
by reese wit swag December 06, 2011
Gorgeous girl. Loves acting and singing. Funnest girl to be around. Loves everyone. Has an amazing voice and doesn't give a dam what people say. Sometimes people push her past her limits but she will try to stay strong no matter the situation. She may cut but she is strong no matter what. Inspiring to everyone. Wants to be loved by the world like she loves the world. Even though she isn't perfect, she wants to be treated the same. Every girl wants to be her. Inspirational:)
I wish I was a Reese.
Wow, here comes Reese:)
by DIAMONDBABE February 19, 2015

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